About Us


We empower our clients by having specialists provide risk management and insurance solutions in a dynamic, professional, and efficient manner.


Our vision is to inspire and motivate people by breaking conventional boundaries when serving individuals and companies in our community.


At Niche, we take the time to understand your situation, share our know-how and find the right solutions for your needs. We strive to make complicated insurance simple.

Ron Cooke: notre fondateur, notre héro

Our Story

Supporting the community and providing a social good have been the cornerstones of our founder, my step-father, Ron Cooke, since 1965. After having suffered a life-changing accident at the age of 16 which left him a quadriplegic, Ron built his business by providing security to others.

The world has changed since I joined the firm over 30 years ago however our fundamental values still hold true today. Technology has allowed us to expand on the notion of community and today, with more than four decades of experience in the industry we are taking insurance in a new direction that draws on its original essence. Back to where it all started, with the desire to help people worry less, live more, dream big and enjoy their community to the fullest.

Over the years, we have developed unparalleled expertise in specialised niche areas. We have listened carefully to what is important to you and we are committed to providing you with customized insurance solutions. We took the latest step in our evolution this spring as we became Niche Assurance.

The same dedicated team and the same values now with a company name that reflects the nature of our business. The insurance landscape is crowded, Niche Assurance is committed to helping clients navigate through the noise by providing personalised niche services and insurance coverage designed to fit their unique needs.

Mark Pediceli,
Owner of Niche Assurance


Annik McMillan

Personal-lines Damage Insurance Broker

1-844-425-5811 #2500

Annik is a fantastic communicator who always finds the right words to explain even the most intricate concepts, especially when it comes to insurance. For Annik, nothing is too complicated and she always has a solution up her sleeve. When you consider how tenacious she is and how well she explains things, it is hard to believe that she is the youngest member of the Niche Assurance team. A true animal lover, Annik dedicates much of her time to animal shelters. If it were up to her, she would open a branch in an SPCA!

Carl Pedicelli

Risk Control Consultant

1-819-425-5811 #2250

Carl is truly passionate about risk prevention. He takes a proactive approach to preventing risk, believing that everyone is capable of reducing or eliminating risk; all they need is a helping hand. Drawing on many years of experience as an insurance broker, construction contractor, as well as time spent in the role of risk inspector and risk manager, Carl has all the necessary tools to identify and manage your risks.

When he is not at the office, Carl can be found pursuing an active lifestyle. He takes part in a range of outdoor activities and also helps and encourages others to participate in activities through his volunteer work within the community.

Caroline Blanchard

Marketing Coordinator

1-844-425-5811 #2508

Caroline has been a key member of the Niche Assurance team in one capacity or another for the last 25 years. She obtained her personal-lines damage insurance broker’s license in order to better understand the complexities of insurance brokerage. With her specialist knowledge, she ensures that the right information is being shared in the right places. In her spare time, she is a keen provider of first aid, whether it’s on the slopes of Morin Heights, where she works as a ski patroller, or within her community, where she provides essential services as a first responder.

Danielle Labelle

Administrative Support

1-844-425-5811 #2228

Danielle has been part of the Niche Assurance team since the year 2000 and she has been in the field of insurance since 1988. Formerly a commercial insurance broker, her current role consists of supporting the firm’s insurance brokers and managing the administrative aspects of the department. Danielle has created an essential department thanks to her dedication to detail and excellent teamwork. As well as being very hardworking, she is also very sociable and enjoys interacting with others. She is always ready to help whenever she is needed! As a keen traveler and motorcyclist, you’ll often find her telling stories about her adventures and discoveries along the highways of North America.

Jessie Rivest

Loss Prevention / Inspection / Claims Coordinator

1-844-425-5811 #2222

Jessie has been a specialist in Claims Management at Niche Assurance since 2014. She coordinates claims processes, communicating with all parties involved in order to eliminate as many discrepancies as possible. She is fully invested in the mission of the company and she is highly dedicated to her clients.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Jessie participating in sports either with her colleagues or with her sons, participating in a meditation session, or taking part in a fundraiser.

Joanie Lacerte

Damage Insurance Broker

1-844-425-5811 #2245

Joanie is the type of person who is motivated by complex challenges and complicated cases. Whenever you’re not sure whether a complex problem can be solved, pass it on to Joanie and she’ll find a way! It’s clear that Joanie’s passion for unconventional insurance cases comes from her inquiring mind. She thrives on challenges and insuring extreme sporting events, aviation, and unusual accommodations, which has become one of her new specialty. Having been a parachutist and wake-surfer in the past, she now finds a sense of balance by practicing yoga. She regularly gets involved in her community and volunteers with her regional SPCA.

Jonathan Dubé

Commercial Damage Insurance Broker

1-819-425-5811 #3223

Jonathan is back at Niche Insurance as a Commercial Damage Insurance broker. His expertise is mainly the insurance of contractors, construction sites of all kinds, of civil liability, wrap-ups, and bonds. Jonathan is also passionate about camping and hiking.

Josée Lachaine C.I.B.

Damage Insurance Broker

1-819-425-5811 #2225

Josée began her journey at Niche Assurance as a commercial insurance broker in 2002. A highly meticulous professional, Josée has become an insurance expert within the field of construction. Among other things, she has worked on insurance for entrepreneurs, construction sites, and of course all types of bonds. Known for her swift and reliable service and for her depth of knowledge, Josée’s priority is the client. She is a specialist when it comes to analyzing insurance documents. Josée has been a member of CPA Mont-Tremblant for over 10 years. She is a very active volunteer for a range of different organizations within the region, notably the Club Richelieu de Mont-Tremblant, which she founded in 1993.

Linda Bilodeau

Commercial and Personal-lines Underwriter

1-844-425-5811 #2230

Linda began her career with the firm in a technical support role back in 2010. Over the years, her experience and her excellent understanding of the issues affecting the insurance market and the wording of contracts enabled Linda to succeed in her current position. As the manager of the firm’s underwriting department, she ensures that the insurance policies underwritten by Niche Assurance meet insurer’s standards and that they meet the needs of clients.

When she’s not at work, she loves spending time encouraging, and supporting her two teenage children, acting as mom’s taxi, and helping them to prepare to fly the nest.

Louise Paradis


1-844-425-5811 #2514

As one of the most recent members of the Niche Assurance family, Louise is the firm’s accounting technician. She holds a degree in Accounting from UQAM. Louise is responsible for anything accounting-related within the firm, including meeting the specific requirements of individual insurers and departments. Louise is hardworking and very thorough. She is someone who values fairness so she always does her utmost to help those in need.

Louise enjoys cooking and hosting and she loves getting involved with food preparation and distribution as a way of giving back to her local community.

Marie-Blanche Shaw

Administrative Support and Collection

1-819-425-5811 #2501

Marie-Blanche began her career at Niche Assurance as an administrative assistant back in 2010. She subsequently obtained her Personal-lines damage insurance broker license to enable her to respond more effectively to clients’ needs. These days, Marie-Blanche manages the administrative aspects of the Personal-lines department and she is also responsible for collection. Customer service is a priority for her. As the youngest of a large family, going out for dinner and spending quality time with friends and loved ones is very important to her. Marie-Blanche is an experienced kayaker and hiker. She is also a very active volunteer. She especially enjoys raising money for charitable causes.

Mark Pedicelli, MBA, A.I.B.

Damage Insurance Broker / President

1-844-425-5811 #6561
Cell: 819-425-4194

Mark is passionate about insurance. With over 30 years of experience as a damage insurance broker, he is registered to practice in Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. As the owner of Niche Assurance, he is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people, enabling them to go out and inspire and empower others. He takes corporate social responsibility very seriously and he strongly believes in getting involved in social, community, and environmental projects in order to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Dedicated to making a difference in the world, Mark enjoys challenging himself and he encourages others to do the same.

Nancy Dénommée

Damage Insurance Broker

1-819-425-5811 #2507

Nancy has been an insurance broker with Niche Assurance since 2013. She is known for her professionalism and her attentiveness to the needs of her clients. Even though her role is centered around managing Personal-lines accounts, she also holds a commercial insurance licence to help her assist clients who have more specific needs. Outside of work, Nancy spends her time producing art. She is very creative and is also very interested in sports and the environment. Nancy feels that it is important to raise awareness about the fragility of our beautiful planet. In addition, she enjoys being an active school volunteer and loves working with young people.

Stéphane Lussier

IT Technician

1-844-425-5811 #2255

Stéphane joined the Niche Assurance team in 2015. He responds to all the firm’s technology needs and manages everything from networking and IP telephony to user support and the integration of new systems. He is particularly interested in sustainable energy and the world’s transition towards green technology in response to climate change. Stéphane is on the lookout for new technologies to facilitate this transition to full environmental sustainability. In his free time, Stéphane enjoys hiking and cycling.

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