ATV enthusiast enjoying a ride through the woods in the Laurentians knowing he is well insured through DCP Creneau Insurance Firm

Summer will be here before you know it. There’s nothing like a getaway in your ATV to take in the fresh air of the great outdoors and really enjoy summer.

Whether you’re taking off for just a few hours or on a longer trek, drive safely and with peace of mind by taking a few
simple precautions. Here are a few tips from L’Unique General Insurance.

When you’re well-informed, you’re well-prepared

  • Regulations for riding an ATV vary from region to region. Before you hit the road, you should take a look at the
    regulations in force at your destination. For example: In Quebec, ATV riders must purchase civil liability insurance
    for a minimum value of $500,000 for damage caused to others. The SAAQ does not compensate ATV riders for
    injuries sustained in an accident, except when a moving vehicle is involved. It’s best to take out insurance to cover
    bodily injury or property damage.
  • Know where you’re going! Follow the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads’ trails when planning your
    itinerary. These trails are well-maintained and safe to use. It’s a great way to ensure you’ll be riding on a quality
  • Look at the weather forecast so you can bring everything you need. Dressing appropriately is always a good idea,
    so know what to wear and the state of the trails.

Ride hassle-free!

  • Before you leave, have your ATV inspected by a mechanic. It’s a good way to nip mechanical issues in the bud.
  • Bring a survival kit: trail maps, compass, tools, flashlight, first-aid kit, and drinking water can all come in handy if
    there are any problems.
  • Keep useful documents on you, like your trail pass, registration, insurance certificate, driver’s license, etc.

Safety first!

  • Don’t drink. With ATVs, the policy is zero tolerance!
  • Wear all the mandatory protective gear: helmet – equipped with a visor or safety glasses – and shoes.
  • Make sure your vehicle is well-equipped with transport equipment: white light in the front, position, and brake
    lights, rearview mirror on the left side, exhaust system, odometer, etc.
Your insurance broker is there to help you prevent losses. Feel free to contact us!
Enjoy the season – and stay safe!