We know that insurance is still very much a people business. Our approach is different. We see every client through a lens of empathy and risk management. By putting ourselves in the shoes of both the client and the insurers, we know what is expected and we know their reality. We are not like most brokers. As our name suggests we pride ourselves in taking the time and providing you with products and services specific to you!

Niche has different outlook on insurance

We cater to those who expect a little more from their insurance provider. By providing in-house professionals that handle all aspects of your insurance and risk-management needs, we can ensure that all your needs are addressed. This 360-degree approach makes us who we are! Our unique outlook made becoming a B Corporation a natural choice for Niche Assurance.

What is a B Corp?

B Corporations are leaders of the global movement of people using business as a force for good. At Niche, we already knew that our different way of doing business was having an important effect on our customers and employees. But it was important for us to have a concrete way to measure, improve, and communicate our positive impact with our community. It is important to have a rudder for the future – the time is now.

That is why we decided to embark on the process of becoming a Certified B Corporation last spring. We embraced the common goal of all B Corps – to balance purpose and profit. By consciously choosing to consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment we are choosing to do business differently.

By giving our employees time to volunteer during work hours, covering the cost of insurance for our local farmers’ market, and supporting underprivileged athletes among other initiatives, Niche is taking action towards building stronger communities and creating a more sustainable future.

Our whole team is going through an extensive evaluation process that is continually challenging us to make decisions that positively impact our clients, our community, and the environment. Once we complete the certification process it will mean that we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. We are eager to let the community know we want to collaborate with others who share our vision and values, and to lead with us. Stay tuned – we will update you on how the certification process is going.

Mark Pedicelli, President – Niche Assurance