With the ban on unnecessary travel, the condition of your secondary residence or cottage can be worrying. Here are a few things you can do that will help you manage your risk.

If you have property that is presently vacant, and may or may not be managed by someone other than yourself, follow these preventative suggestions to reduce your risk of property loss and damages:


If possible, turn off all water and gas main lines to your home. Or close all water lines to appliances such as hot water tanks, dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, toilets etc.

Turn off breakers that supply hot water tanks or any unnecessary equipment.

Ensure your heating system is set to a minimum of 15c.

Ensure your home security system is functional.

Close and lock all windows and doors.

Keep lights on around the exterior of the house.

If possible, make sure someone visits to inspect inside the home as well as around the outside of the property 1x week.

If you do not have anyone visiting your home, it is suggested to at the very least contact a neighbor, or a service provider (your snow removal company as an example) to ask that they visit the exterior of your home.

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