We handle unique residential properties that have complex needs.

Some properties just don’t fit into traditional cookie-cutter insurance coverages. We are comfortable venturing into areas that are often too complex for traditional insurance markets.

“From the moment we called Niche Assurance, they immediately met all our expectations and were very reassured. In addition to their great support, we were very grateful for their way of doing things, but especially for their way of “BEING”. Niche Assurance is a team made up of real people who care!”
Martine and Gilles

Residential owners

A boat-access chalet on a pristine Laurentian lake – an island jewel.

These are the kind of properties that are passed down from generation to generation. Two non-resident owners of such unique homes became great friends after more than 40 years of spending their summers as cottage neighbors. Love blossomed and wedding plans ensued. After talking to other lake residents, the owners became worried that the bride-to-be would not be able to get good insurance for her beautiful cottage. Already a client of Niche, the gallant groom contacted us to see how we could help provide the coverage she deserved. She was happily surprised that one of our specialties was insuring homes for non-residents and that we could insure her “boat-access only” cottage. There is going to be a beautiful wedding on the lake next summer; we hope they send pictures.

If you are going to be our customer, we want to get to know you.


We can’t pretend that getting a quote from us is going to be faster or faceless. We ask for more information and documentation than most other brokerage firms. However, with this information we will know how to clearly identify your needs and quickly identify the gaps in your current insurance and offer the correct product that is tailored to what your needs really are.

There is a strong possibility of an inspection when buying a new residential insurance policy with us. This allows us to learn more about your building, to identify any weak points, so that you can take any necessary measures to avoid claims related to these elements

Inspection & Prevention

We have a prevention department that is there to help you find the right people, get the right resources, and help manage the repairs that will prevent damage to your investment.


If you need to make a claim, we have our own team that supports customers all the way through the process – we never leave our customers on their own in their time of need. We understand how precious these homes are to you, and how important it is to get back to the way it was.

We will help you navigate policy wordings to ensure you receive a fair and quick settlement based on your coverage.

We specialize in covering:

  • High-end residences
  • Short term rental of primary & secondary residences
  • Chalets, cottages, seasonal recreational properties
  • Non-resident owners of residential property
  • Properties under construction
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About Niche

At Niche, we take the time to understand your situation, share our know-how and find the right solutions for your needs. We strive to make complicated insurance simple.

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