Is my business at risk for a cyberattack?

  • Do we have sensitive personal information on our clients, partners, or employees in our computer systems?
  • Do we collect credit card information for payments?

What am I doing to prevent cyberattacks from happening?

  • Do we have sufficient firewalls or antivirus software installed?
  • Do we back-up our data to an external source?
  • Is our data encrypted?
  • Do I train my employees to make them aware of the dangers of cyberattacks?
  • What prevention strategies have we put in place?

How would our company handle a cyberattack if all systems are down?

  • What plan is in place?
  • What resources have been allocated in the event of an attack?

The cybercriminals are well funded and extremely sophisticated, you need to protect your company from the substantial losses that can happen following a cyber attack. We know that 70% of hackers target small to medium-sized businesses and that 60% of these companies will not be able to recover from an attack. The bad guys want in, don’t leave the door wide open. Learn more here or call Christine Jutras our Cyber Specialist at 1-819-425-5811 #2505